Let's start by saying...

I see you.  I see the hard work you're putting in, the long hours you're spending building your business. I see you taking so much pride in the direction your organization is going and all the value you're bringing into your community. I see you on the cusp of scaling up and I know you're starting to buy-in to all the jargon about delegating for greatness.

The scary part about scaling up is releasing tasks that aren't generating revenue, tasks that are time (and sometimes soul!) consuming.

Think of Brightway Remote HR Services as a virtual assistant specializing in human resources or a freelance HR coordinator...or your very own outsourced HR department. My goal is to ensure your organizational goals are achieved while growing your business in an authentic, true-to-you, way.


Hi, I'm Jolene!

I'm a #boymom with an addiction to bringing order to chaos; this is a valiant effort at home but a huge success for my clients! For the past 10 years, I've been assisting small businesses and start ups with  developing their HR departments with an eye towards future growth.


I've completed my Human Resources Management certificate through Simon Fraser University and in 2021, I will be prepared for a CPHR designation. I have a passion for ensuring that recruitment and onboarding processes are streamlined, time conscious, and cost effective - without jeopardizing the organizations mission and values.