We know that operating a thriving small business can be incredibly time-consuming! And, lets' be honest, the little admin tasks can be soul-crushing and might not be where your passion or skill set lies.

Enter Brightway! With over 15 years of administrative assistance experience, we're the easy choice for streamlining your task list. Let Brightway help you redirect your attention to growing your business for a fraction of the cost of hiring a part-time admin assistant.

Curious as to how a virtual assistant might be able to streamline your day and get you back to actually GROWING your business...rather than WORKING on it? Here are a few ideas:

Survey creation, Meeting and travel organization, Word Processing, CRM management, Powerpoint Presentations, Preparations of Correspondance and Reports, Research and Data Consolidation, Vendor communications, Manage Customer emails, Format documents, Create Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals, Invoices and Receipts for Customers, and more!

Are you specifically seeking assistance with Human Resources? Let Brightway's 10+ years of recruiting and onboarding experience help you grow your team successfully and cost-effectively!
Learn about HR Services here.

Tidy Desk

Level 40

Forty hours per month of remote assistance at a savings of 20%.

Based on a 3-month contract with a 50% deposit.


Home Desk

Level 25

Twenty-five hours per month of remote assistance.

Based on a 3-month contract with a 50% deposit.


Notepad on Desk

Level 10

A teaser option of ten hours of remote assistance for one month - no contract.


per month

per month