Your resume and cover letter are an integral introduction to potential employers! What are your job search documents saying about you?

Are you confident that your skills and experience are clearly laid out in your current resume? Can you rest assured that your job applications are standing out from the seas of applicants - in a professional and positive manner?

When do you need an updated resume? It's suggested that you update your resume every 6-12 months in order to ensure accuracy. If you're scrambling to update your resume in times of crisis or growth, you risk glossing over important facets of your qualifications and jeopardizing your chances at your dream job. And let's be honest, in the light of the Coronovirus pandemic, it's more than ok if ANY job is your current "dream job".

Your resume is given a cursory 6-second glance by recruiters and potential employers before being sorted into the yes or no pile.

It's time to invest in yourself and in your future! Brightway HR Services ensures that you're receiving quality job search documents without an inflated price tag.