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Ad Hoc HR Solutions

Does this sound like you?

You're a busy small business owner who faces the following challenges:

  • You have no time, or limited knowledge, to invest in setting up HR policies, procedures, or establishing a department

  • Your existing HR department is short-staffed and hiring another regular employee for that department isn't cost-effective

  • Nobody on your team has time to focus on human resource administration

  • You're ready to delegate tasks so you can focus on items that generate revenue

Brightway HR Services offers a variety of solutions to help you streamline or develop your budding HR department.

Job Description Development


Onboarding Presentation (up to 40 slides)


Employee Handbook Development (up to 40 pages)


Job Ad Maintenance and Long-List Candidate Screening

$500 for one hire

Development of Personnel Documents

starting at $99 for two pages

Recruiting and Retention Strategy Analysis


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